Sakura Metal Industries Co., LTD.

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April 1950 Sakura meatal industories was founded for the purpose of fastener manufacturing in Ota Omori.
June 1952 Change in the Corporation.
Press started to manufacture parts of the bearing is a key industry, it is cooperation factory of NSK Ltd..
May 1955 Started Miniature bearing product manufacturing.
Produce a shield plate for Ishii Steel Ball Co., Ltd.
May 1961 Demand of Miniature bearing is extended, and turned to miniature bearing component manufacturing 100%.
August 1984 Established a plant in funabashi-shi.
January 1987 Moved the head office in funabashi-shi.
Established Omori Sakura meatal industories plants in Omori.
May 1988 The extension of the main plant, and moved to the main plant Omori Sakura metal industry, to stop production at Omori factory.
July 1988 To a joint venture with NSK Micro Precision Co., Ltd., founded in the main plant Sakura plastic.
Started the production of the molded article and plastic mold.
February 1990 Established Kujukurihama plant in Chiba Yamatake-gun Oamishirasato-machi.
Started a 24-hour operation by the transfer robot and assembly work of HDD components in a clean room.
July 1995 Established in Malaysia MSP INDUSTRIES SDN BHD.
(Sakura plastic has wholly-owned.)
Started assembly operations and production of the shield plate and plastic holder.
February 2000 In consideration for the environment and quality improvement, and to build a wash plant to Kujukurihama plant, the introduction of pure water ultrasonic washing machine.
February 2002 Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
August 2002 Introducing a (ISIS) transfer press, and started to transfer mold making.
January 2003 Started the production by progressive mold.
July 2004 Started the production of crown type cage.
July 2004 In consideration for the environment, the change in hydrocarbon-based cleaning from washing with methylene chloride.
August 2009 The improvement in transfer press jointly Orii, and Nishida Seiki 10 tons dobby Press.
May 2012 For mold making enhanced and introduced wire electrical discharge machining machine (Sodick).
December 2013 Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
March 2014 For mold making enhanced and installation profile polishing machine (Amada).